Honored to be voted Wheaton, Illinois' 2013 Small Health & Wellness Business of the Year.
Flexible Fitness
Meeting you where you are. Taking you where you want to be.

Welcome to Flexible Fitness

  • Stressed out?
  • Need balance in your life?
  • Want your body and your mind back?
I've enjoyed the privilege of helping transform lives for the last 20 years. From upscale fitness clubs with cutting edge equipment, to private studios, to clients' homes, I've met my clients where they are and helped them reach goals they never dreamed possible.

Now I've combined my arsenal of training modalities with a wealth of experience to create Flexible Fitness. My goal is to help everyone--from the busiest mother to the traveling executive--find creative and enjoyable ways to incorporate fitness into their everyday lives.

No longer is the privilege of working with a personal trainer limited to those few who have the time and access to a top-notch club. Today, thanks to tools such as the internet, cutting-edge fitness tracking devices, and traditional phone and video conferencing, fitness is finally flexible!

Aren't you ready to reduce stress, find balance, and get your body and your mind back?

Let the transformation begin!

My method is refreshingly simple, and includes modalities such as

  •     Mindful Eating
  •     Stress Reduction techniques
  •     Healthy and simple recipes
  •     Body balancing exercises
Call or email today to discover how you can be transformed by Flexible Fitness.
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